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Ekonomi Syariah

Our Ekonomi Syariah program delves into the ethics of Islamic finance, teaching students the fundamental principles of Sharia-compliant economics and banking.


Perbankan Syariah

With a focus on Sharia-compliant banking, our Perbankan Syariah program prepares students to understand the complexities of Islamic financial systems and banking operations.


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What programs are offered?

We offer programs in Ekonomi Syariah and Perbankan Syariah, focusing on Islamic economics and banking.

Where is the campus located?

Our campus is situated at Jl. A. Yani Pesawaran in Lampung, providing a conducive learning environment.

Is the curriculum based on Islamic principles?

Yes, our curriculum is designed to align with Islamic financial ethics and principles.

Are there career opportunities after graduation?

Graduates can pursue careers in Islamic finance, banking, consultancy, and more, contributing to the growing Halal economy.

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